N. Chr. Albertsen

Niels Christian Albertsen

 Senior engineer in TICRA

N.Chr.Albertsen received his M.Sc.E.E. from TUD in 1970 and Lic.Techn. (Ph.D.) from the Electromagnetics Institute, TUD, based on dissertation on Diffraction of creeping waves. He has been employed since then at TUD at various institutes at a half time basis, since 1977 as an Associate Professor. Besides N.Chr.Albertsen, with two associates, formed the private company TICRA, dedicated to provide engineering consultancy in the field of advanced antenna design and analysis, in particular within the space segment. The research interests of N.Chr.Albertsen are: Diffraction theory, Antennas, Microwave technique and Mathematical Physics in general. The purpose is: to design antennas, in particular reflector antennas, with particular properties such as: 1) having a special radiation pattern allowing it to cover a special part of the earth when placed in space, 2) being reconfigurable, i.e. a reflector antenna which can change shape (and therefore radiation properties) by remote command, 3) extending the geometrical method of diffraction, which is an advanced, although intuitively simple, method to calculate the scattering of waves, acoustical or electromagnetic, from complex shapes such as antennas or satellites. N.Chr.Albertsen has authored or co-authored 52 papers within these fields.

Tel.: +45 33 12 45 72

Latest update: 31 October 2008